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Albosang – A combination of Magnesium, Phosphorus and Calcium which are the essential minerals along with Ashwagandha, the wonder Indian herb.


Each uncoated tablet contains:

Sudhakalpa (Calcium Carbonate) 54.0 mg
Sudhakalpa (Calcium dibasic phosphate) 36.0 mg
Shankajiraka (Magnesium oxide) 3.6 mg
Aswagandha (Withania somnifera) 55.0 mg


  • Helps improve Immunity
    As a supplement: For patients with a poor quality diet and whose digestion is weak.
  • In general debility: Patients with lack of mental and physical energy, senile debility, loss of memory and concentration, premature aging due to disease or stress.
  • Helps reduce Diabetic Neuropathy Symptoms – Like Pin pricks.
    Nursing mothers: Supplies the increased demands of calcium, phosphorous and other minerals during pregnancy and lactation. Abolishes the strain of breastfeeding and enriches breast milk.
  • People with high-stress levels: To overcome physical and mental stress due to overwork and tension.
  • Elderly persons: For health restoration in old age.
  • Illness and Convalescence: Helps to raise the defense mechanism of the body, hastens quicker recovery by improving appetite and digestion.
  • Anemia: As an adjunct in the treatment of anemia. Corrects general debility, improves appetite.

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