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  • Description

    Backache one of the most common ailments faced by people in the present times, Ache causes intense pain in the upper, middle or lower back region. The pain can either root from the bones and ligaments that form the spine, the muscles and tendons that support the back, the nerves that exist in the spinal column or even the internal organs

  • Causes

    Sitting in the same posture for long hours, Joint pain, Muscular pain, Not indulging in exercise, Constipation, Improper functioning of kidney, Obesity, Influenza, Irregular menstrual cycle in women, Wearing high heel shoes, Sleeping in a wrong posture, Too much mental stress, Excess physical labuor, Deterioration in the discs of the spine, injury to the back.

  • Symptoms

    Pain in the lower and middle portion of the back around hips and waist, Cervical or lumbar spondylosis, Stiffness along the spine, Persistent ache, Visible curvature of the spine, Mood swings, Sharp pain localized in the neck and upper back, Numbness or weakness in legs or feet.

  • Special Notes