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  • Description

    Bronchitis is a disease of the respiratory system wherein there is inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchial passages in the lungs. As the inflamed membrane becomes swollen and thicker, it results in narrowing or shutting off the tiny air passages inside the lungs, causing protracted spells of coughing along with breathlessness and phlegm. Bronchitis can be categorized into two types: acute bronchitis, which does not last more than six weeks; and chronic bronchitis, which recurs frequently for over two years. Plus, people afflicted with asthma also have inflammation of the bronchial tube lining, which is known as asthmatic bronchitis.

    Causes Of Bronchitis

    Smoking, Exposure to high levels of second-hand smoke, Weather changes, such as too much pollution, fog or dusty air, High doze of medicines, Stress, Genetics and heredity reasons, Absence of fresh oxygen, Infections, Complication of cold or cough, Allergy.

  • Symptoms

    Inflammation in the bronchi, Wheezing, Slight fever, Difficulty in breathing, Cough, Hoarseness, Pain in chest, Loss of appetite, Shortness of breath, Extreme fatigue, Thick sputum (mucus), Headache, Chills, Overall malaise.

  • Special Notes