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  • Description

    Common cold is an ailment that affects, the upper respiratory tract of a person i.e. nose and throat. It is basically caused by picornaviruses, including rhinoviruses or coronaviruses. Though a harmless disease, common cold is highly contagious and can spread easily, and rapidly, from one individual to other. On a normal basis, it strikes an adult about three to four times in a year. For the preschoolers, the strike rate is about 6 to 10 times in a year.

    Causes Of Common Cold
    Virus, Exposure to cold, Lack of sleep, Fatigue, Sudden changes in temperature, Dust and other irritating inhalations, Unhealthy food, Excess intake of red meat, Stress, Smoking, Consuming alcohol and /or drugs.

  • Symptoms

    Dry, scratchy or sore throat, Runining nose, Nasal congestion, Chest congestion, Sneezing, Headache, Earaches, Slight fever, Chills, Coughing, Hoarseness, Aches and pains in the body, Loss of appetite.

  • Special Notes