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  • Description

    Constipation is either the passage of stools hard in consistency and, difficult to expel or less frequent defecation than is habitual for the patient.

    Causes Of Constipation

    Overeating/ having heavy meals, Low fiber diet, Low intake of fluids, Diseases like hyperacidity, diabetes, colitis, sluggish liver and tumors, Weak abdominal muscles, Holding back stools, when in pressure, Irregular meals, Incomplete chewing of food, Unhealthy eating habits, including intake of refined and fatty foods, Excessive consumption of tea and coffee, Wrong combination of foods, Lack of exercise, Emotional stress.

  • Symptoms

    Irregular discharge of stools, Bad breath, Insomnia, Heart burn, Difficulty in eliminating feces, Coated tongue, Headache, Loss of appetite, Dark circles.

  • Special Notes