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  • Description

    Bleeding from the nose, usually due to rupture of small vessel over lying the anterior part of the cartilaginous nasal septum.

    Causes Of Epistaxis

    Infection, Trauma, including the one self-induced by nose picking, Allergic and non-allergic rhinitis, Hypertension (high blood pressure), Use of blood thinning medications, Alcohol abuse, Tumors, Inherited bleeding problems , Blowing the nose very hard, Cold or flu (influenza), Blocked, stuffy or dry nose, often caused by an infection, Hayfever, High altitude, High blood pressure, Excessive use of nasal decongestants, Excessive use of cocaine, Nasal congestion, due to a nasal allergy, Strep throat, Sinus infection.

  • Symptoms

    Bleeding from one or both nostrils, Frequent swallowing, Drowsiness , Weakness, A trauma or confusion about the bleeding.

  • Special Notes