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  • Description

    Heart is the one of the vital organs of the body, which controls the blood flow. Apart from regulating the circulation of the blood in and out of the other organs, it also maintains the level of purity in the blood. Heart disease has become one of the most common reasons of death, in the present times.

    Causes Of Heart Disease

    Excess intake of fatty food, Less exercise, Taking too much stress , Toxic chemicals in pollution from cars and factories, Hereditary factors, Anemia, High blood cholesterol, Diabetes, Obesity and excessive weight, Smoking, Alcohol consumption, Coronary artery disease, Abnormal heart valves, Past heart attacks.

  • Symptoms

    Chest pain, Pressure, fullness, or squeezing sensation, Nausea, Abdominal discomfort, Shortness of breath, Arm pain, Palpitations, Fast heartbeat, Weakness or dizziness, Discomfort in the chest, arm or below the breastbone, Discomfort radiating to the back, jaw, throat or arm, Fullness, indigestion or choking feeling, Lack of energy.

  • Special Notes