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  • Description

    Influenza is a highly infectious disease that is caused by influenza viruses Popularly known as flu, it strikes the upper respiratory tract, nose and throat, spreading to the lungs and bronchi with time. Influenza has the capability to become an epidemic, striking a large population at a single time. Though it is often misinterpreted as common cold.

    Causes Of Influenza

    Influenza A virus, Influenza B virus, Influenza C virus, Dietetic errors, Faulty style of living, Excessive worrying, Overwork, Lack of proper exercise, Living in stuffy rooms, Staying awake till late hours, Touching infected things.

  • Symptoms

    Fever over 101 F (38 C) in adults and as high as 103-105 F (39.5 C to 40.5 C) in children, Chills and sweat , Headache, Dry cough, Muscular aches and pains, especially in back, arms and legs, Fatigue and weakness, Nasal congestion, Loss of appetite, Diarrhea and vomiting in children, Extreme exhaustion, Sore throat, Chest discomfort.

  • Special Notes