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Auratinum –

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Drugs specially compounded in tablet form, for their effect on the uterus and ovaries.


Each uncoated tablet contains :

Aurum muriaticum 3x – 24 mg.
Tr. Pulsatilla Q – 0.008 ml.
Tr. Thuja Q – 0.0024 ml.


Aurum Muriaticum is effective in disorders of the pelvic organs in females. It also has a marked effect on high blood pressure.

Tr. Pulsatilla is particularly useful in emotional patients. It relieves neuralgic pains and aches and is also used in amenorrhea and to correct menstrual irregularities.

Tr. Thuja is specially useful in leucorrhea, scanty and retarded menstruation, pain in the inguinal region due to ovaritis or salpingitis.


Inflammatory conditions of the uterus and ovaries, associated with pain or disorders of menstruation.

Ulceration of the cervix, leucorrhea, scanty and irregular menstruation.
Particularly useful for emotional women who exhibit a variety of symptoms like neuralgic pain, profuse perspiration, dysmenorrhea, coldness of the body etc.


1 to 2 tablets three times a day, preferably 1/2 an hour before food on an empty stomach.

Side effects: Nil


Bottle of 50 tablets.

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Bottle of 50 tablets.

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