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  • Description

    Cirrhosis of liver is a condition wherein the liver slowly degenerates, deteriorating in function, due to a chronic injury. In such a situation, the liver tissues are replaced by scar tissues, which partly block the flow of blood through the liver. Though mainly alcoholism, hepatitis B and C and fatty liver disease cause it, there are a number of other reasons due to which cirrhosis of liver might occur.
    Causes Of Cirrhosis Of Liver

    Excessive consumption of alcohol, Blocked bile ducts that can put pressure on liver and overburden it, Biliary atresia, Primary biliary cirrhosis, Bile duct injury Gallbladder surgery, Environmental toxins, Schistosomiasis, Congestive heart failure, Cryptogenic cirrhosis, Alcoholic liver disease, which damages the liver cells, Viral hepatitis, Chronic hepatitis C , Chronic hepatitis B, Chronic hepatitis D, Autoimmune hepatitis, Hemochromatosis, Wilson’s disease, Glycogen storage diseases, Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, Poor nutrition.

  • Symptoms

    Frequent attacks of indigestion, Occasional nausea, Vomiting, Abdominal pain, Low grade fever, Foul breath, Jaundiced skin, Distended veins in the abdomen, Reddish hair-like markings, Bloated and swollen abdomen, Fatigue, Easy bleeding, Easy bruising, Fluid accumulation in abdomen, Loss of appetite, Swelling in legs, Weight loss.

  • Special Notes