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  • Description

    Hysteria is a psychological state, wherein the mind of a person gets affected by unmanageable fear or emotionalexcesses. Though it occurs in both the sexes, the incidence is more apparent in young women between fourteen and twenty five years of age. People struck by hysteria have less or no control over one’s acts and emotions and undergo sudden seizures of unconsciousness, with emotional outbursts every now and then. Such a behavior results in repressed conflicts within the person’s inner self.

    Causes Of Hysteria
    Stress, Sexual repression, Excessive idleness, Heredity factors, Family history of nervousness, Faulty emotional training, Mental strain, Fear, Worry , Depression, Traumatism, Masturbation, Prolonged sickness, Dementia.

  • Symptoms

    Heaviness in the limbs, Severe cramps, Strong feeling of ascending abdominal constriction, Continual sighing, Difficulty in breathing, Constriction in the chest, Palpitations, Feeling of a foreign body lodged in the throat, Swelling of the neck, Suffocation, Headache, Generalized and voluntary tensing of muscles of locomotion, Loss of consciousness, Violent and tumultuous heartbeats, Weakness, No willpower, Tendency towards emotional instability.

  • Special Notes