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Albo Sang 300 Tabs – An Aswagandha based tonic

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Ayurvedic Tonic for All Ages. A combination of  Ashwagandha, essential minerals and important Indian herbs that provide the essential ingredients necessary for cell function, improving immunity and energy levels. 

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Ayurvedic Tonic for All Ages. A combination of  Ashwagandha, essential minerals and important Indian herbs that provide the essential ingredients necessary for cell function, improving immunity and energy levels. 


Each uncoated tablet contains:

Sudhakalpa (Calcium Carbonate) 54.0 mg
Sudhakalpa (Calcium dibasic phosphate) 36.0 mg
Shankajiraka (Magnesium oxide) 3.6 mg
Aswagandha (Withania somnifera) 55.0 mg


  • As a supplement: For patients with poor quality diet and whose digestion is weak.
  • In general debility: Patients with lack of mental and physical energy, senile debility, loss of memory and concentration, premature ageing due to disease or stress.
  • Nursing mothers: Supplies the increased demands of calcium, phosphorous and other minerals during pregnancy and lactation. Abolishes the strain of breast feeding and enriches breast milk.
  • People with high stress levels: To overcome physical and mental stress due to overwork and tension.
  • Elderly persons: For health restoration in old age.
  • Illness and Convalescence: Helps to raise the defense mechanism of the body, hastens quicker recovery by improving appetite and digestion.
  • Anemia: As an adjunct in the treatment of anemia. Corrects general debility, improves appetite.


Adults – 2 tablets before breakfast and 2 tablets around 15:00 hrs

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Additional Information:

  • Patients with common cold and allergies may combine it with Iobine tablets
  • Patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy (some symptoms include tingling sensation on palms, muscular weakness and burning sensation on soles) may use Albo-Sang for relief.

7 reviews for Albo Sang 300 Tabs – An Aswagandha based tonic

  1. Pramod Sharma

    This is best Ayurvedic medicine in the India

  2. Pramod Sharma

    The Ayurvedic medicine mostly important for patients and poor

  3. Dr V N Rajinikanth

    I have been using it for longer period; I used to get it from local store in Coimbatore, but it is difficult now a days to find stores as previous store is permanently closed. So I order regularly online from this website.

    It gives general immunity that I never catch up cold or any infectious disease easily, also I have got resistance to road dust (dusty traffic conditions, traffic fumes etc). I have not visited any hospital for illness in the past twenty years in Coimbatore (I am running 50 now), except for minor accidents ( for scratches, bruises, wounds, muscle tear etc due to minor accidents I involve occasionally.) I also take Livactin-G, nivoss and I lead a healthy life ( I do not have diabetics, cholesterol either) and the credit goes to De-Chane products.

    All age people can take it and it is effective for
    (1) patients who feel so weak and undergo treatments,
    (2) aged people who feel lack of stamina for day to day activities
    (3) growing children who do not get nutrient food and catch up common cold often due to lack of immunity
    (4) Office goers who take extensive stress; cannot relax due to lack of time and do not care their physical and mental health.

    Once we get illness and we approach hospitals, they’ll tell us all kinds of new terminologies and ask us to spend a fortune there. We will get health back after we become empty economically, what is the use then? Instead, we can regularly spend a little on our health and our children’s health, throughout all kinds of climate, we can stay healthy. we do not need any insurance policy for disease…. just have accident related policy. So we can save a lot from spending extensively to hospitals.

    • dechane

      Thank you Dr V N Rajinikanth for sharing your great experiecne.

  4. Lakkoju Chandrasekhar

    An ideal for every one. Good product. I know this since 40yrs onwards.

  5. Rohan sharma

    Very effective for servical pain

  6. Kathawala

    Our family has been taking these Herbo mineral medicines for more then 6 decades, Albo sang Sal Phos Diasyn Vital essence and many others from J & J dechane

  7. Zulfi

    We have been taking Albo Sang, sal phos and daisyn vital essence from J J dechane from generations ,my grandfather was a certified medical practitioner with J J dechane. The medicines are very effective if taken regularly.

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