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  • Description

    Leg cramps can be best defined as the involuntary contraction of a single muscle or a group of muscles, in the leg Extremely painful and discomforting, leg cramps are generally visible in the calf muscles, hamstrings and the quadriceps. It can occur to anyone, irrespective of age or sex, and remains for less than a minute to several minutes at a time. Leg cramps are mostly experienced during night time, when a person is resting in the bed. In the following lines, we have provided a list of the main causes and symptoms of leg cramps.

    Causes Of Leg Cramps

    Doing an unusual or different exercise, Dehydration, Diminished blood supply, Electrolyte, hormonal or fluid imbalances, Excess weight, Leg injury, Low blood calcium, Muscle fatigue, due to overexertion, Nerve abnormalities, Muscle diseases, Pregnancy, Rigorous exercises, Side effects of certain medicines.

  • Symptoms

    Severe leg pain, Muscle tenderness, Inability to move the leg till the time the cramp lasts.

  • Special Notes