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  • Description

    Neuritis is a condition in which there is an inflammation of the nerves in the body. The ailment can affect a single nerve as well as a group of nerves. Primarily, there are two types of neuritis – optic neuritis and peripheral neuritis. While the former causes an inflammation of the optic nerve, the latter refers to the damage that occurs to a nerve within the peripheral nervous system. In certain situations, different groups of nerves, in various part of the body, swell, resulting in polyneuritis.

    Causes Of Neuritis

    Chronic acidosis, Faulty diet , Faulty lifestyle, Overwork, Nutritional deficiencies, Metabolic disturbances, General toxaemia, A physical blow to the body, Violent muscular activity or over-extension of the joints, Certain infections, like tuberculosis and diphtheria, Pernicious anemia, Presence of toxins in the body, Diabetes mellitus, Poisoning with insecticides, mercury, lead, arsenic or alcohol.

  • Symptoms

    Tingling or burning sensation, Stabbing pains in the affected nerves, Numbness or loss of sensation, Paralysis of the nearby muscles, Temporary paralysis of the face, Inability to close the eyes, Difficulty to walk in the dark, Color blindness, Severe difficulty in seeing, Paresthesia, Paresis, Anesthesia, Wasting of the reflexes.

  • Special Notes