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Agaricus, in minute doses, acts as a sedative and antispasmodic and is of great value in convulsive disorders and hysteria. Liliumexerts a powerful influence on the pelvic organs. Agarco is useful in hysteria since some pathological conditions of the uterus and ovaries may reflexly cause hysterical symptoms. Aethusa is a sedative, prevents restlessness, irritability and vertigo.


Each uncoated tablet contains :

Tr. Agaricus Q – 0.0064 ml.
Tr. Aethusa Q – 0.0064 ml.
Tr. Lilium Q – 0.0132 ml.


Convulsions in infants and children.

Hysteria in women. Hysterical manifestation in children and men.

In epilepsy, start VITESSON during the day, in addition to AGARCO at bedtime. Treatment should be continued for prolonged periods of time for adequate and optimal effect.

In patients prone to recurrent attacks, treatment should be started in combination with VITESSON.


Infants and small children :
1/4 tablet crushed can be given with milk or honey.Older children and adults :
1/2 tablet, 3 times daily.To be given 1/2 hour before food, on an empty stomach.

Side effects: Nil


Bottle of 50 tablets.

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Bottle of 50 tablets.


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