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  • Description

    Depression is a morbid mental state dominated by a lowering of mood and it often includes a variety of associated symptoms, particularly anxiety, agitation, feelings of unworthiness, suicidal ideas,alteration of appetite and sexual function, psychomotors retardation (slowness), sleep disturbance and various psycho-somatic symptoms and complaints.

    Causes Of Depression

    Prolonged periods of anxiety and tension, Excessive and indiscriminate use of drugs, Lack of optimism, Incident, like death of dear ones or failure in career, Improper menstrual cycle or menopause, Hormonal disorder, Excess intake of junk foods and soft drinks, Stress and strain, Inheritance, Personal relationship problems, Financial problems, Deficiency of vitamin B complex , Anxiety disorders.

  • Symptoms

    Lost charm in life,Tiredness and jaded feeling, Staying extremely upset and dull, Difficulty in mixing and communicating with other people, Low sense of self, Feeling restless, Trouble in sleeping, Loss of appetite, Feeling frustrated, Feeling physically and mentally weak, Inferiority complex , Giddiness, Nausea, Impotence or frigidity, Constipation, Aches and pains all over the body.

  • Special Notes